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Year One (2002 - 03)-  We divided into several groups of 5 similarly skilled players.  We played each other member in our respective group.  The winner of the group moved up into the higher skilled group.  The loser of the group moved down.
Year Two (2003 - 04)-  Although we discussed team play (players chosen in a draft) we never went ahead with the concept.
Year Three (2004 - 05)-  In 2005 we formed teams.  The standings were published in the Tribune Democrat and at this web site.  We added a "Corporate Membership" category this year.
Year Four (2005 - 06)- Another good year.  Several tournaments throughout the season.  Some special summer tournaments.
Year Five (2006 - 07)- Our thanks to the Pittsburgh players that came and played.
Year Six (2007 - 08)- Our new location is “old” Richland High School Ramnasium Gym.
Year Seven (2008 - 09)- Thanks to the generous donations of several individuals all membership fees have been waived.  The only fee will be $2 per playing session (contributors are exempt).  We will play on Thursdays in October, then switch to Fridays for the remainder of the season.  Our latest and best location is at the old Richland High School.
Year Eight (2009 - 10)- We will alternate on monthly basis a SINGLES tournament and a DOUBLES tournament on the 2nd Friday of each month.  No extra fees.  Tournament play will begin at 7 PM.
Year Nine (2010 - 2011)- We will have a SINGLES and a DOUBLES tournament each month.  See home page for dates.  No extra fees  Tournament play will start at 8:30 PM
Year Ten (2011 - 2012)- We lost several players when they moved out of town.  Details will follow regarding our plans for this playing year.
Year Eleven (2012 - 2013)- We will be playing at different times.  See the Home Page for playing dates and times.  We now also have Summer Play.  Email me for details
Year Twelve (2013 - 2014)- We have added a few nice local players from the Tennis ranks  One regular player has returned from overseas.  Hopefully we will have enough players to schedule Singles and Doubles tournaments.
Year Thirteen (2014 -2015) - Our numbers have dwindled but our play has improved.  We will do our best to maintain this Table Tennis Club as long as we have players.  We will be selling one more table - this will leave four tables for play.
Year Fourteen (2015-2016) - We are looking forward to younger players that wish to learn how to play competitively.  Our best players continue to age gracefully.
Year Fifteen (2016-2017) - We have been blessed with some skilled younger players.  A few of our players have started to play in Pittsburgh tournaments.
Year Sixteen (2017-2018) - Down to four tables.  Some new young players.  Others moving out of town.  Our “old timers” are hanging tough.

We have the best facilities by far in the immediate area.  Occasionally we open the the Club up over the holidays for an extra playing session.  We have players of all skill levels.

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